Brand Story

Taylor Morris was founded in the summer of 2012 by three Londoners who shared a desire to create something which embodied the very essence of British delineation, timeless Hollywood glamour and the unconventionality of rock and roll bohemianism.

Growing up in London this trio of best friends realised that sunglasses which showed off their own unique personal style were scarce.

They'd see pictures from the 1960's of Mick Jagger, Steve McQueen and Marilyn Monroe decked out in a savage pair of shades, and recognised a quirky individuality which wasn’t readily available in the marketplace. They decided to change that. Now fast forward to present day, and you'll see Taylor Morris designs sported and sold worldwide!

There is a growing desire for eyewear inspired by the decade of the nonconformist, and Taylor Morris is solely focused on creating the most distinct product with a sophisticated style and perennial appeal.

Our products

❖ British artisan heritage: craftsmanship rules the making of each pair of frame

❖ Design is in the details: temple tips signature design, 3 dots logo, eccentric touch.

❖ Lens quality, signature red RAR coating

❖ Metal rim on acetate frame, subtle but present.

❖ Biodegradable or recyclable frame material and components

Consumer Profile

❖ While many will define their targets group of consumer by generation or age group, we are defining ours by a sense of belonging.

❖ Coming from all walks of life, educated professional, reading book, playful, explorer, cultured, adventurous, rebellious.

❖ Stylish, ambitious, love rock'n roll, educated, loves to explore but not only places